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Following the idea of writing a blog and the concept of „all about”, it’s time for the first post.

As it was already mentioned in “About” tab, that our Blog “all about” does not mean “all about Islanders™”, but “Islanders™ telling you all about… multiple things, places, business ideas and struggles, health, beauty – EVERYTHING…”; however, whatever the concept was, I feel that I should introduce myself to all of you, before starting that part “Islanders telling you all about…not Islanders™” in fact.

Is it some kind of inconsistency? Let’s call it – variability…

So – getting right to the point –  I will start with the Brand…

which was inspired by an island and Caribbean lifestyle because of a few solo trips which I already have on “my account”.

Because of that Islanders is said to be a brand with a lifestyle behind it. I am totally jealous of all nomads, people who lives in warmth for at least few weeks a year and all people who live where I vacay… Seriously, guys, you are very, very, VERY lucky!

You can also ask “Why swimwear?” not travel agency similar…?

Because it’s a must have on a beach/island, etc. It’s crucial to have on any gateway you are planning, especially in places which inspired me to create the brand.

I don’t know exactly what struggles you have while buying/packing your beachwear, however I desperately suffer for a lack of ability to choose one perfect swimsuit. In my closet I have many pieces which for sure does not match to each other and while travelling light – I had to pick as little as possible. For now, I believe, Islanders lets you to choose perfect, simple, high quality and extraordinary at the same time pieces which match to each other, enhance your figure and attract by its simplicity, charm and glam.

All our pieces are sold separately, you can mix & match every cut and color (also with your ‘old’ pieces!).

The brand is also about building a community of people who wish and wants to follow an island vibe – as I do. The interaction with people who have similar thoughts, wanderlust desire, wishes, etc. will also impact the blog posts and the trademark itself.

For what other reasons it’s called Islanders™…?

Our products are made in Bali – island for sure, which I consider as a place where my and Islanders’ story begins…

As I already mentioned, the whole thing is not only about the brand but also a lifestyle, which additionally means that you can also contribute to our story.

And probably thie most important thing – Who am I?

My name is Agata and straight after my studies I started to work in a corporation. During that time, I also started to travel solo (YES – because of my indecisive friends…)– mostly Caribbean, which was the best decision and experience in my life. I saw so many new and beautiful places, cultures, which become my desire – to live&work. Meanwhile, I always had an idea of setting my own work schedule in my head…

Why I started my own company while I already have a well-paid job?

That’s weird and easy at the same time. 2 general reasons.

First – this is something I always thought about.

Second – came after working for few years for someone else. Currently, I am sure that you can fulfill all your ambitions by doing almost anything on you own – and because of that you’re becoming more experienced than your workmates – sorry for that, but that is true… You can gain knowledge in management, accounting, tax matters, tax residency, and other – work less than 40hrs a week, and what is the most important – be happier! Yes, no matter what struggles and problems you encounter – it brings happiness!

Unquestionably – both working 8-5 and having your own business – give you reasons to quit and leave it behind so many times – I couldn’t have imagine before – but on the other hand – it gives you the biggest satisfaction ever.

Till now, I did not quit my work – for the simplest reason ever – it gives me a space for investments.

I know, I am not the only person who made similar simple steps which can become a milestones of freedom. And I believe that some of you might have the same perception.

No matter what, keep in mind that…

nothing can bring you greater peace than minding your own business

This is my short introduction to all of you; if for now – you have any questions about me and my ideas – feel free to contact me.


Agata & Islanders™

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